Where To Go For Camping Adventures In Rwanda

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If you a nature lover and you are looking for the perfect camp sites to realize your dreams while on your holiday in Africa. Camping is the best way for visitors to get in touch with actual African wilderness and thus offering the most enjoyable and outdoor recreational experiences to travelers on vacation in Africa. If you are a budget traveler and you are planning to spend your vacation in Rwanda, camping experiences shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. With camping, travelers will have a chance to catch a glimpse at the Rwanda’s most spectacular landscapes, valleys, rainforests and the rolling hills and many more. When it comes to camping adventures in the Land of a Thousand Hills, specific sites are available for you to realize their dreams and they are proven for visitor stays. All the existing campsites in this remarkable country are equipped with shared firewood and bathrooms and they are offered by the park management and you can hire camping gadgets with your tour companies.

The notable campsites in Rwanda include the following;

  • Shakani campsite

Shakani campsite is amazingly stunning and straddles along Lake Shakani shoreline providing the most spectacular views of the Lake at distance. For visitors who love sport fishing, this is the perfect spot that you shouldn’t miss to include in your travel itinerary. It also offers campers a chance to sight most of the hippos, several plovers and countless aquatic birdlife. For travelers who are looking for best areas to chill out this is the perfect site that you should consider while you are on holiday in Rwanda. While on your safari to this campsite, you will be welcomed by breathtaking Lake’s cool breeze as well as the stunning sceneries.

  • Mutamba campsite

Mutamba campsite is situated in Akagera National Park a famous protected area with dense savanna wildlife species. This campsite is well maintained from any danger of wild animals and to visitors who are on camping adventures have opportunity to spot out most of the African elephants, elands, buffaloes, varied antelope families including the rare roan antelopes and many others as they roam around.

  • Muyumba campsite

Muyumba campsite stands on a ridge over viewing the stunning Lake Ihema and Shakani and travelers to the campsite have a chance to overview Tanzania. The campsite is situated at Akagera National Park’s entrance.

In conclusion, when you think about Rwanda safaris whether self drive, guided safaris or camping adventures, consider renting a car and camping gadgets that will help you enjoy your safaris in Africa. All the above listed campsites consist of pit toilets and wash room.

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