Gorilla Groups in Volcanoes National Park

Located in Northwestern Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is one of the 4 incredible protected areas in the world where mountain gorilla trekking is conducted. Volcanoes National Park undoubtedly one of the most sought after destinations in Rwanda. It comes with 10 habituated gorilla groups where visitors go for gorilla trekking adventures everyday. For lifetime experiences with Great apes in the wild, below is a list of habituated families in Volcanoes National Park;

The Susa gorilla family (The Susa A group)

The Susa family is gorilla group which Dian Fossey the famous primatologist conducted her research study up to the time when she was murdered in 1985. It was renowned troop in Volcanoes National Park with more than 40 individuals but like most groups encounter feud and breaks, this larger family features only 28 members today. The troop comes with 3 silverback gorillas and it is where poppy also originates. Poppy is a gorillas that was monitored by Dian Fossey.

He was born in 1976. The Susa family derived its name from River Susa which crosses via this gorillas’ family. Tracking this group is strenuous and for visitors who are searching for breathtaking adventures, the Susa family should be one of a must to visit troops for you while on a safari in Volcanoes National Park. Due to family splits, the Susa group has been divided into two in 2008 forming the Susa group “A” and the Susa “B”. The Susa group is also famous for its twin gorillas of Byishimo and Impano.

The Karisimbi gorilla group (The Susa B)

The Susa B group is splitter group from the original Susa gorilla family. It features 15 members with 3 silverbacks and the family straddles within the lower base of Mount Karisimbi volcano and trekking this family is such breathtaking experience that comes once in a lifetime. Despite the strenuous treks in this family, the experience generally is rewarding as it comes with some spectacular scenery..

The Sabyinyo troop

The Sabyinyo family features as one of the simpler troops to track and it is best tracked by visitors who are looking for easy to track gorilla families. This troop is headed by the larger silverback gorilla “Guhonda” that features the strongest silverback in the whole of the Volcanoes National Park. In 2014, this smaller troop featured 8 (eight) individuals at a time. Today the troop features 13 members with 2 silverbacks and 3 adult females while the rest are juveniles. The Sabyinyo group lies within the gentle foothills of Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga.

Amahoro family

The Amahoro group is famous as the peaceful family as its name denotes peace. Visitors to this group enjoy the harmonious atmosphere with the family members of the Amahoro. The group comes with 18 individuals with 2 silverbacks. Tracking this group means visitors have to hike through the steep slopes in order to see its group members. They usually roam around the Mount Visoke slopes and the treks are not that strenuous compared to the Susa “A” family.

Agashya group

The word Agashya denoted special. The troop featured 13 members during its habituation and hence the name Group 13. Today, the Agashya family features over 27 members with 1 silverback that is the dominant leader of the family. The Agashyatroop is located within the same place where the Sabyinyo group is situated but some times they wander to higher and deeper areas. The group is usually straddles within the foothills slopes of Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga. Tracking this troop demands medium effort.

Umubano gorilla family

The word Umubano means live togetherness. The troop initially was part of the Amahoro gorilla group. Like humans, this group equally encountered several feuds and splits and hence the Umubano family which came under the leadership of Ubumwe that happened to be the dominant silverback of the new troop.Umubano group today comes with 13 members with 2 silverbacks and it is headed by Charles. The trek in this troop requires medium efforts and can be tracked by any trekkers who wish to achieve their dreams in Volcanoes National Park.

Kwitonda gorilla group

The word Kwitonda denotes the humble one.The Kwitondatroop is headed by a dominant silverback. The group comes with 23 members with 4 silverbacks and they wander around Mount Muhabura slopes. Tracking this group demands more energy but at the end of the day it rewards with lifetime experiences. Ever gorilla group comes with its level of difficulty to track and each of them has a unique story to tell to the world.

Hirwa gorilla family

The Hirwa troop is one of the newly established groups. It is splitter group from Agashya group and the Sabyinyo family. There are 16 group members that thrive within the Hirwa gorilla group and it is credited for its twin gorillas.

Ugenda group

The word Ugenda denotes mobile. The group is ever on move and it features about 11 members.Ugenda troop is usually located within Mount Bisoke and treks through the group do not need much energy compared to the Susa groups. It is the simpler groups to track and it is the best for trekkers who are looking for easier troops to track.

Bwenge group

The word Bwenge means wisdom.The gorilla group members can be tracked on Mount Karisoke volcano slopes. The group was founded in 2007 and it is headed by Bwenge.

Each gorilla group in the Volcanoes National Park comes with exciting and unique stories that are worth exploring while on safari in Rwanda. For the most exceptional experiences in the park, visit at least one or two groups and compare the experiences thereafter.

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