Rushegura Gorilla Group Bwindi Forest in Uganda

Rushegura gorilla group is tracked in Buhoma region in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and one of the habituated gorilla groups in Uganda. Rushegura or R group is among the larger Groups of Gorillas with many members.

Initially, Rushegura was part of Habinyanja group but later due to conflict between the two brothers silverback, the group sprit into two hence forming Rushegura group but Habinyanja also remained with some few members since some members joined new group- Rushegura. It is extremely active within the Buhoma region and covers a broad territory – sometimes going to Batwa village, UWA park-office Bwindi Waterfall and even Buhoma Camp, and such sightings are normally a bonus.

These move into the adjacent Banana groves at times. Currently, there are 19 Gorillas within the Rushegura gorilla family and each was named for easy identification and each member is well known by the ranger guides of the Bwindi forest. The rangers can as well notice that member T is sick and call the doctor – the rangers also predict where to find the gorilla group to be tracked – they use their experience and knowledge depending on where the gorillas spent the previous night – their predictions has to date reduced the strenuous search for Gorilla like in the previous years.

Members of Rushegura group include; Mwirima passed-on and Kabukojo took over the leadership of Rushegura gorilla group. Kyirinvi the adult female, Kibande the adult female, Buzinza the adult female, Nyamunwa the adult female, Karungyi the adult female, Kalembezi the sub-adult male, Ruterana a sub-adult female, Nyampazi a juvenile, Kafuruka a juvenile, Kibande baby a juvenile, Karungyi baby a juvenile, Kanywanyi a juvenile, Kyirinvi baby an infant, Buzinza baby an infant, Nyamunwa baby an infant, Kibande second baby an infant, Katabazi an infant. It is noted that gorillas are living mammals and so, expected to multiply with time- therefore, we expect Rushegura family members to increase in near future.

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