How to Book a safari in Rwanda and Uganda

Step 1: Identify a safari package(s) that suits your interests, budget & Time

Our website ( has very may tour packages for Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and combined packages among others. Choose a package that fits your travel needs, interests, budget and time. Interests are determined by what you want to see (may be gorilla tracking, chimpanzees, birds, wildlife, local communities, mountain hiking, etc), time is determined by the number of days you want to spend on the safari and budget is determined by how much you can afford to pay for the safari. If none of the packages fits your desires, our tour consultants can assist you tailor make your desired package. Contact us at for free quote, advise, availability of permits and accommodations. We shall reply you within 12 hours.

Step 2: Agree on the tour package, cost and travel dates

Through email exchange or telephone conversations with our tour consultants, you will agree upon a tour package and the cost per person. Note that African Jungle Adventures offers guided private tours to groups, couples, honeymooners and single / solo travelers. Depending on your intended travel dates, our staff shall check for availability of permits and accommodations as you also check for availability of flights. You are advise to first look for flights available, then we check for availability of gorilla / chimps permits and lodges.

Step 3: Booking confirmation

Once you confirm the availability of flights, gorilla permits and accommodation, its time to confirm your booking. You will be required to send your full names, passport numbers and country of residence to enable us reserve your permits and accommodation.

Step 4: Organize deposit (30% – 45%)

Then organize to deposit at least 30%-45% of the total cost of the trip purposely to secure your gorilla permits among other items. Payments can be wired direct to our company bank account, or paid online by credit card. Invoice will be issued by our accountant through the tour consultant.

Once we receive your payment on our bank account, we shall send you a confirmation email together with the copy of the receipt indicating the balance. We shall immediately pay for your gorilla permits and we normally send scanned copies just to confirm that everything is in order. Other permits like chimpanzees and golden monkeys (if applicable) shall also be paid as well as lodges. A final Itinerary shall be drawn by our tour consultant indicating all lodges and flights.

Step 5: Balance payment

The balance can be paid on arrival or 2 weeks to arrival date. If you are paying on arrival, it MUST be in cash. We DO NOT accept credit cards or bank transfers on arrival. If you are paying by bank transfer or credit card, it must be at least 2 weeks to arrival date.

For any query, please contact us on, Tel: +256-772561508 / +256 701728141