Factors to Consider When Choosing The Perfect Safari Lodge In Uganda

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Uganda safaris are only complete when accommodation facilities are included in your travel plan. But unfortunately, most visitors face a challenge when it comes to choosing that perfect lodge that offers the desired comfort that they deserve while on safari to protected areas or any significant tourist site. However, there are several distinct areas for one to spend a night while safari in Africa whether you need luxurious tented camps, safari lodges or bush camps, all your interest will be covered. At the end of day, it all depends on your budget, travelers’ interest and where you will get that comfortable facility for your relaxation. While looking for the best accommodation facility to spend a night on African vacation, the choice that you will make should be based on factors listed below.

  • The cost of the safari lodge

Whereas safaris to Africa are generally exciting and enjoyable, as visitor in a new destination, should be mindful of his or her spending. You need not to spend above your means otherwise you will experience financial instability and at the end, you will become stuck while on vacation. This requires you to pay keen attention to a cost of the lodge you will make a choice and find out if it is within your means.

  • The services provided

This is another significant factor that needs to be looked at while choosing the best option for accommodation services in Uganda. Make sure that the accommodation facility that you intend to spend a night on features certain services that are within your travel needs for instance there should be a bar and restaurant, hot water, better bedding, swimming pool and a reflexology arena and many more. It terms of food and dinning, most of these lodges provide buffet dinner though some provide private dinning. The presence of these services adds on visitors experiences in the destination.

  • Security

While most safari lodges in Uganda are located in the middle of the bush, they should be safe from wild animals especially during darkness. Make sure you choose a safari lodge that offers adequate security at all times while you are on safari and you will enjoy your vacation in Africa.

  • Recommendations

You will need to book a safari lodge in Uganda which has been recommended by the previous visitors. You will therefore need to spend some time to check through several reviews on various websites to read through complaints and compliments that specific lodge has received before. This will help you to know areas where most travelers’ interest concentrate.

  • Location

Though Uganda may seem small, as you choose the best accommodation for your vacation, make sure that your lodge can easily be accessed as soon as you land into the country. It should also be easily relocated to help you know its surrounding areas. The distance from urban centers should also be paid keen attention to as this can help you get access to most of the social and tourism amenities especially the hospitals, restaurants, banks, car repair workshop and many more. The lodge should also be strategically located to help you catch a glimpse at other wildlife species and tourist attractions in and around it that will make up part of your experience in the destination.

  • Internet connection

Today, internet is very crucial to each and everyone given that someone can do variety of things with it whether business matters, news or interacting with their dear ones. You will therefore need the best safari lodge with Wi-Fi provision.

  • Lodge atmosphere

The perfect safari lodges in Uganda feature well designed rooms with facilities like air conditioning and mosquito nets and at the end, you will stay safe while on your vacation. You will need to search for these simple extras to make you feel at home while on vacation in Uganda’s wilderness. You need that accommodation that offers total comfort and relaxation while you are on holiday in Africa.

There should also be facilities for relaxation such as spas and pool table for the best star lodges and many more. The other factors that needs to be considered is quality of guiding whereby safari lodge should also have their own guides to help take you through what surrounds the facility and at end you don’t only enjoy the food served but also explore the wild animals that thrive around the lodge.

From the discussion above, choosing the best safari lodge for your stay over in a given destination requires adequate planning and certain factors have to be looked at critically prior making your final decision. With the above tips, we believe that they will guide you while getting that perfect accommodation that suits within your travel means, interests and offers lifetime experiences while you are on vacation in Uganda.

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