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Bombo Lumene National Park derived its name from regional Rivers (Lumene and Bombo) and it features among the most incredible protected area which offer tourists opportunity to sight at the unique flora and also engage in fishing adventures. For visitors who looking for the best destinations to spend their weekend gateway, Bombo Lumene National Park is within the proximity of Kinshasa capital city, a few kilometers off the savanna grassland of Bandu’undu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This magnificent protected area is situated 135 kilometers and it is a two hours’ drive off Kinshasa capital city.

Tourist activities in Bombo Lumene National Park

The park is ideally the best area for one to go and chill, hike, picnic and also swim. Other tourist activities include visiting the Bateke villages around the park and the stunning drive via the Bombo valley. The park is best explored by engaging in an overnight camping and you will have a chance to sight most of wildlife as they flock around salty areas to lick. You will also enjoy the amazing sceneries of the area. River Lumene features as one of the most spectacular tourist sites that you shouldn’t miss to visit to fish for the Mbenga tiger fish, the locally known fish in the area and for visitors interested in sport fishing, this is the perfect area for you to challenge yourself.

The common tourist activity in the park is barbequing and drinking wine and it can be fun for you to have a memorable stay in the park. You can also engage in hikes and walks as well as bathing sports in the River and all these will reward you with the most remarkable experiences of lifetime. For travelers who wish to visit the park during the dry spell, note that there are fewer bugs given that the evenings can be cold. The park is exceptionally the best for expert campers, first time travelers on who are interested in outdoors or searching for the gateway experiences and many more.

What to bring on safari to Bombo National Park

If Bombo Lumene National Park is your destination of choice in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), you are requested to come along with enough food, drinking water, tent or sleeping bag and in case you need your own, a mosquito repellent, swimming suit and games. Most campsites can even be accessed by car and this means that you may not need to over pack stuff.

The other accommodation choices for you to spend a night over in this park include the chalet which features 2 rooms, 1 double bed in each of them, 1 bathroom and a stunning porch site which overviews the valley and plains of Bombo Lumene.

Best time to visit Bombo Lumene National Park

Bombo Lumene National Park is all year round destination. Whether you are planning to visit the park during the wet season or dry spell, you will need a four by four safari car to help you navigate through the area. However, it is not that challenging to reach the park. The dry season can be better for you as it is easier to navigate through the sandy road to the park but you have to be ready for chilly evening.

How to access Bombo Lumene National Park

The park is accessible about 130 kilometers off Gombe. You will drive passed the airport and you continue where you turn right to Kikwit or Bandundu and while you are around this area make sure that you keep till you see the Bombo Lumene sign on your right. You will then sign at the gate with the ICCN rangers and then proceed down the sandy route till you reach to your camp site. You will spend about 2 to 3 hours while driving.

In conclusion, if you are interested in weekend gateways, Bombo Lumene National Park shouldn’t miss out in your travel plan. The park offers a wide range of exciting activities for visitors who wish to get out of the hassle around city centers. You can opt to chill around most of its stunning areas, go for picnic, camp, hike or rather go for challenging fishing adventure.

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