Tourism in Nyungwe National Park


Birding in Nyungwe forest National Park Rwanda

Nyungwe is the largest montane rain forest in Rwanda and East Africa at large. The forest protects over 300 plus species of birds like the Grauer’s Rush Warbler is an Albertine Rift endemic that can be sighted in the mountain swamps, such as Kamiranzovou in Nyungwe Forest.

Her in Nyungwe Forest you can find both the Rwenzori Turaco in abundance and also the Large Blue Turaco. Sunbirds of various types such as purple-breasted and the blue-headed sun bird and often you will find them in flowering trees. Nyungwe Forest is a birders paradise and you will see many other things from orchids to primates during your birding walks in Nyungwe Forest. Nyungwe Forest should be a must visit to whoever take a safari in Rwanda. Staying in Nyungwe forest is breath taking and expects to see amazing primates like chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, blue monkey, vervet monkeys, Grey-cheeked mangabey, Dent’s monkey among others.

Forest Canopy in Nyungwe National park

It is the first Forest Canopy Walk in East Africa and the third in all of Africa at large. The activity not missed in Rwanda as it enables visitors view a wide range of attraction like birds, tree species, and butterflies among others. Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills and is endowed with a variety of attractions and among which the gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park – the chief foreign exchange earner in the country. But this must be supplemented by the visit of Nyungwe forest national park. The Canopy Walk is 90 meters long which does not sound like a long distance, however it is when you are 50 meters above the ground.

Forest Hiking in Nyungwe Forest National park

Among the amazing activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park is hiking. There are 13 various hiking trails with over 130 kilometers of trails through and in the Forest. Visitors can spend a good week here hiking the various trails, exploring the ancient rainforest and discover the various habitats found in the forest. Individual hikes are from one to eight hours in length and most can easily be completed if you are in reasonable physical shape.

Hiking is healthy as it enables visitors gain physical fitness, reduce body fats hence proper health. Strenuous hike for fit and strong visitors can be arranged plus less strenuous hikes for weak. Hiking in Nyungwe forest enable visitors discover new places around and with in Nyungwe forest.

Primate tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park

In Nyungwe forest, Colobus- Mangabey, Grey Cheeked Mangabey and Ruwenzori Colobus Monkey, Chimpanzee trekking among others can be tracked. It is noted that the Colobus Monkeys can often be sighted in large groups of up to 300 Colobus Monkey- this is amazing.

AS you track any primate group you will most likely spot some other monkeys along the trek such as L’Hoest’s Mountain Monkey, Owl Faced Monkey, Mona Monkey and Blue Monkeys, to name a few. Nyungwe Forest is Primate Country and you can track Chimpanzees, Gray-Cheeked and Colobus Monkeys in the ancient forest.

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest National Park

Chimpanzees are the major primate species in Nyungwe forest and their tracking is a major activity in Nyungwe forest. Gorilla trekking takes place in morning hours and each chimpanzee group is visited by a maximum of one hour for viewing and photography.

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